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awesome powerpoint backgrounds - PPTRiX

pptrix by awesome

To Download and play PPTRiX

  • Right Click the image above
  • Choose "Save Target As..."
  • Choose a Folder on your computer
  • Click "Save"
  • When the file has downloaded double click the saved file

Requirements to play PPTRiX

  • Microsoft PowerPoint 2002 (aka XP) / 2003 / 2007 or 2010
  • The Free PowerPoint Viewer

Tweaks for smoother play back

  • Turn on hardware acceleration . . .
    Slideshow menu > Set up Show > Tick "Use hardware graphics acceleration"
  • Set your desktop color depth to 16 bit color . . .
    Right click your desktop and choose "properties"
    On the "settings" tab, slide the "colors" to "high color 16bit"
  • Finally lower the playback resolution . . .
    Slideshow menu > Set up Show > Lower the "Slide show resolution"
  • The filesize of pptrix is 138kb

What is PPTRiX ?

We created PPTRiX just to show off what you can do with powerpoints (2002 / XP) animation effects. Inspired by the matrix.

Download free awesome backgrounds for powerpoint

awesome powerpoint backgrounds


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