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awesome customized powerpoint backgrounds

If you cannot find a suitable background for your presentation, why not make use of our "awesome originals" service?teamwork - custom powerpoint templates

We can creatively design customized professional backgrounds to order. The backgrounds can be designed to a specific subject or theme. They can be made to complement your companies existing color scheme and logo.

teamwork - custom powerpoint templates

If you have been using the standard powerpoint templates, wouldn't it be great to have your own unique template? Something, perhaps, your competitors don't have for that valuable sales pitch.

teamwork - custom powerpoint templates

If you have an important conference in the near future, wouldn't it be great to have a themed template for all the presenters to use for that consistent look?

Your product launch that's coming up next month...how about a custom powerpoint template to really help it go with a bang!

Click here for FREE Samples of our Custom Backgrounds service

The Process:

You supply the raw materials, eg, digital logos, photos etc and we supply our creative powerpoint skills

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  1. Decide whether you would like to leave the color / look / layout / design etc up to us, or maybe you have a particular look in mind
  2. Place an order by answering a few questions on the order form
  3. Get together any logos, photos or themes.
    Email all of them to presentations@awesomebackgrounds.com
    Click here for details on the type of files we can accept
  4. We will email you with any further questions or information we may need. You can also state any other requirements at this time
  5. We set the creative wheels in motion, designing a unique template complete with an alternative. These would be designed from the original materials that you supplied
  6. We email proofs so that you can see the designs, you can then make any comments about the templates
  7. We then edit the backgrounds and templates to your instructions
  8. The finished templates are then emailed to you
  9. The whole process is pretty quick

Awesome Customized Backgrounds Benefits:

  • Unique - Your presentation will not look like the stock powerpoint backgrounds
  • Professional - makes you look good
  • Small file size - easy to email and won't fill up your hard drive
  • Complimentary color scheme - Saves you time choosing a color
  • Ready made pages - Saves you time

We know powerpoint

How frustrating is it when you are using a template that is not making the best use of powerpoint? It can be incredibly annoying. The worst that we have seen are the one's where you click on a piece of white text to edit it, and all of a sudden this white box appears, leaving you unable to see what you are typing. This is bad!

Each of our templates are optimized for the best results. They project onto the big screen extremely well. The filesize is very small indeed (the average is about 250kb or 0.25mb) while still retaining the quality.

Example Customized Backgrounds

These thumbnails below show a selection from the many customized templates we have made. All images are © Copyright of their respective owners.

custom powerpoint templates custom powerpoint templates
custom powerpoint background custom powerpoint backgrounds

Click here to order on-line

Click Here to Order Custom Backgrounds On-Line
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